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MatsClock - The Free Flash Clocks for Websites, Blogs and Powerpoint Presentations.


A Flash Clock displaying either the local time or the GMT gives your Website or a Blog a true professional look. There are hundreds of websites that sell flash clocks from where you can buy flash clock. But provides free flash clocks for anyone and everyone for using in their comptuers, powerpoint presentation, websites and blogs so that buying a clock for website is not necessary if you like my clock designs. Add MatsClock Free Flash Clocks to your websites and blogs or even your powerpoint presentations to give a professional look and feel. I have created dozens of MatsClock for you to choose from. You can use the code to embed these Free Flash Clocks to your websites. Just change the size of the flash clock file. You may also download the flash clocks and run them from your own website or computer.



MatsClock HTML Embed Code

Copy & Paste this HTML code below to your web page to Run MatsClock Free Flash Clock in Your Website/Blog. It is FREE !


<object id="matsclock" data="" style="width: 350px; height: 350px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="quality" value="High" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object>


What is MatsClock -Free Flash Clocks ?

MatsClocks are Free Flash Clock in .swf format. All the MatsClock Flash Clocks you find in this site are absolutely free to download, use and distribute without any alteration or modifications. However, if you need to buy clock for commercial use then you need to buy it from this site. There may be a small cost for the customisation you need to made into the flash clock. To use  MatsClock Flash Clocks to see time, just double clicking the matsclock.swf files inside the downloaded compressed files. Any computer with a Flash Player will run MatsClock Flash Clocks. If your computer is not able to run it then you can download a flash player from the internet.


How to Insert MatsClock in PowerPoint Slides ?

A beautiful clock running full screen on your computer showing time with your company motto just before your PowerPoint presentation starts is surely going to catch the attention of your audience. If you are online then you can run download a Flash clock and run in no time. Inserting a flash movie into a PowerPoint slide is very simple. To learn how to Insert Flash Movies into PowerPoint Presentation


How to Change Animated Text MatsClock ?

In all the MatsClock flash clocks, you will find a "Your Name Here" which is animated. You can change this text to whatever you want. Just highlight the text using your left mouse button and then type in whatever you want. Your new text will now get animated. You can type your own name or your Company Name or today's date or anything you want and that will start continue to get animated. If you want to keep it highlighted for better visibility, highlight your new text again and just leave it.


How to Insert Message in MatsClock ?

Here is an example of Greeting Card Flash Clock. You can insert a message in the flash clock dial by just changing a line inside a text file in the downloaded zip file. Extract both the flash clock and the text file and place them in the same directory to see your message displayed in the flash clock dial. You may change the text inside the file to whatever you want. For example if you see a text &mymessage=SEND YOUR GREETINGS HERE& the you may change only the text in capitals in between "=" and "&"  Just do not change the &mymessage which is before the "=" to ensure that your message appears correctly in your flash clock dial. You may email these two files together or send it on a cd or dvd. The Greenting Card Flash Clock works even on your websites and blogs. But see to it that both the flash clock file and the text file are placed in the same directory on your computer or your web host/server. One last caution. DO NOT change the text file name. You can Download All MatsClocks to your PC. Each MatsClock is a unique flash clock. Although these flash clocks looks simple, each of them has taken enough time and thought to design. Have a look at all the MatsClocks in this site - Download All MatsClocks If you want to see MatsClock in its full glory then in the Download all matsclock page, click on the "View" link against your matsclock of choice and when it opens press the Function button "F11" on the top row of your keyboard. To get back to normal windows press F11 button once again.



How to Embed MatsClock in Web Pages ?

Simply copy Flash Clock HTML Embed Code  and paste it into your webpage or blog to Embed Free Flash Clocks in your Webpages/Blog. You have a choice here. You can either run MatsClock Free Flash Clocks directly from or you may download the clocks to your PC or Server and run it from there. But each MatsClock Flash Clocks have a very small file size less than 10 kb. So bandwidth should not be a big problem, even if you have a million pages hits.



Why is MatsClock in Flash Swf Format ?

Flash is used to make both Analog Clocks as well as Digital Clocks. The reason is simple. Flash software makes complex animations and calculations to manipulate animation the way a designer want. The final product or animation made with flash will be saved with a .swf file extension with extremely small file size and the quality of the animation would be extremely good even for unimaginably complex animations. This makes flash software ideal for creating digital clocks and analog clocks expecially with a lot of colours and transparencies.



MatsClock Animated Flash Clocks

As mentioned above Flash software is ideal for Clocks to enhance the animation, colours, transparencies etc with hour and minute needles of the clock in various colours and shades. In MatsClocks Free Flash Clocks you will see a lot many flash clocks with dials changing colours slowly, the clock frames changing colors or rotating colourful frames. You may even see a color square on top which you may use to change the color of the flash clock frames and clock dials.  




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