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Who says PowerPoint cannot show Digital Clock and Analog Clocks with Hour, Minute and Seconds needles to show live time? On this MatsClock website we are giving away hundreds of Analog and Digital Clocks inserted in PowerPoint PPT Slides for Free since 2011. All MatsClocks both Digital Clocks and Analog Clocks are Free to Download and are also Royalty-Free to use in any presentation anywhere.

We release Analog and Digital Clock PowerPoint Slides on our Digital_Clock_YouTube_Channel. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel if you want to be notified when we release new MatsClock Digital Clock for PowerPoint. Above you see one of our most popular Digital Clock PPT File in action. There are hundreds of Unique Digital and Analog Clocks on this MatsClock website for all occasions to show your audience.

You can Display a MatsClock Digital Clock either before your Presentation starts or during a tea break or even after your Presentation is over. Showing a MatsClock Digital Clock makes your Audience mesmerised and you get their attention. Continue to retain their attention throughout your presentation. Different MatsClock for Different occasion.

On many MatsClock Digital Clock Pages you may also find a Free PowerPoint Tip. Most of these PowerPoint Tips will help you to create your PowerPoint Slides more beautiful, organised and look more professional. In addition these PowerPoint Tips will also save you a lot of time you would otherwise spend on editing the slides. These PowerPoint tips are highly educative and is a must if you edit PowerPoint PPT slides.

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   PowerPoint Tips  

PowerPoint Tip - Use Brand Specific Colors in Your Presentations

Using Your own Brand Specific Colors in your Presentation is a very basic PowerPoint Tip not understood by many people.

Every brand has a few colors in its logo. Try anduse only those colors as far as possible in your presentation.

To do this, you have to choose 3 or more colors which are already in your company logo. To get the exact colours in your brand logo or letter head etc, use the Color Picker tool.

To use the color picker tool, first you need to select a text or photo or a graphic whose color you want to change.

If it is a Text then Click on the Text Color in the PowerPoint Ribbon menu on top.

Select the Eye Dropper and then take the mouse cursor to which ever color you want from any graphic which is already in the slide and click on it.

Colour Picker in PowerPoint

The other option is to click on the text and then right click to get a drop down menu.

Look for Format Text and click on it. This will open a menu on the right side of your PowerPoint slide.

Use the Paint Bucket icon on  top of the Format Share menu and select single color or gradient color options.

Now click on the small arrow next to the small paint bucket you see below Slide Background Fill.

PowerPoint Tips - Color Eye Dropper

Here also you have the Eye Dropper available. Click on the Eye Dropper and then take your mouse to any color anywhere in your PowerPoint Slide and click on it. The graphic or text will aquire that color. And you are done.

Lets hope this simple PowerPoint Tip helps you to create texts and graphics using colors from your company brand logo. 


You can find unlimited Free Digital Clocks in PPT format and Free Analog Clocks with hour, minutes and seconds needles in swf flash format files on  You can Download all these files for Free and use all them absolutely Royalty-Free in your Presentations.

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