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About MatsClock Free Flash Clocks

MatsClocks are simple free Analog Clocks and Digital clocks which displays time on full screen. You do not have to buy clock any more. All matsclock are designed to display local time in your computer and some are designed to display the GMT or Greenwich Meridian Time which is also sometimes called UTC or Universal Time Constant. I have designed some dual clocks that display both GMT as well as local time concurrently side by side.

View All_Digital_Clocks available on this website and decide which digital clock you want to Download. The Download links of each digital clock can be found just below the video on YouTube video description.

I have some clocks designed to show you both Local time and GMT with a single mouse click or by just moving your mouse cursor over the clock to change to GMT and go back to local time the moment you  move your mouse cursor away, so that the clock face is not cluttered up.

Why the name MatsClock.Com ?

People who know me call me Mats which is a short of Mathews. Clocks have always fascinated me. Probably that is why I Buy Clock very regularly. I buy clock to put atleast one clock on each wall at my home. I do not collect clocks. But I love clocks and watches. I never miss a chance to go to all the watch and clock shops in my area or where ever I go. This craze for watches and clocks inspired me to create some clocks that run like a real clock and I started designing simple flash clocks.

I have started designing Digital Clocks that are embedded into PowerPoint Slides. Conventionally, Microsoft PowerPoint

I had to display my clock designs some where and what is better than showing my creations on the web. I named my website MatsClock.Com and gave my flash clocks a brand name MATSCLOCK and thus my web site gets its name

MatsClock - Free Flash Clock Gallery

As I designed new clocks, I felt the need to show them to the world. Thus my website became my Clock Gallery where I show off all my Flash Clocks to those people who are interested in clocks and watches like me. I don't copy any clock design from the internet or from any real mechanical clocks or watches. I just sit and play around with my designs. Sometimes I start with the needle design and some times I may start with the clock frame design. Certainly, the needles and frames will have some resemblence to some clock I may have seen somewhere. As on date I have a few dozen flash clocks on display on my web site and more keeps getting added. I created my own website and manage as well. My Clock Gallery will continue to grow as long as I get some spare time to develop new flash clock designs.

Why is MatsClock Flash Clocks Free ?

I pay a few hundred dollars of my hard earned money to keep my website ticking every year. But since I am pursuing my hobby and creating flash clocks, I want to just get the satisfaction of people seeing my flash clocks which inturn will give me satisfaction. All my Flash Clocks are Free to Download, Distribute and Use on any Website, Blog, Powerpoint Presentations or just run on any computer anywhere in the world as long as the user does not change or modify my flash clocks to continue to direct people back to my Flash Clock Gallery. But there is one more reason for

MatsClock and Global Warming Awareness also aims at bringing about awareness amongst its flash clock viewers world over to reduce the effects of global warming by giving them a choice to stop buying physical watches/clocks and start using software clocks on their computers and phones etc. thereby reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and cutting of trees necessary to create the time pieces. I know it sounds off the track to you. But it is my sincere effort and contribution to the world weather they use a MatsClock or not, they will get educated about global warming and cannot use their lack of knowledge as an excuse. Learn more about The Effects Of Global Warming



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