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Save The Tiger - MatsClock 1056

The Clock is ticking for the Tiger. Three Tiger Species have already gone extinct and you will never be able to see them. There five more species of tigers living in this world you and I share. There are less than 50 China Tigers left on earth. Before time runs out and the Tiger Clock stops when all the tigers in the world are gone for ever we need to act. This is the main reason why I designed MatsClock 1046 Flash Clock as an animal clock designed to give you the clock color and stripes resembling a tiger.  There are five types of tigers in this world remaining to go for ever. These are Siberian Tiger, China Tiger, Indo-chinese, Sumatran and Bengal Tigers of India. The Bali, Java and Caspian tigers are extinct. Sad that you will never see these tigers ever again because somebody like you and me killed them for sport or skin. This makes my Save the Tiger Flash Clock important. Why buy flash clocks online when you can Download 100+ Free Flash Clocks  from this site of all possible unique designs without buying a single clock as they are absolutely free for personal use by anyone.


Animal Clock to Save The Tiger

Save The Tiger caption I have put into my Flash Clock MatsClock 1056 is changeable. You can Click and Highlight the Caption and then even change it to read any caption of your choice. I appeal to everyone to send the world out with this MatsClock Flash Clock to Save the Tiger before they go extinct. It is your responsibility towards your own children.


How Many Tigers This Free Flash Clock Can Save ?

Save the Tiger Free Flash Clock is worth the effore because a little research will show you that there are less than 4000 tigers to save in India which accounts for 50% of all the tigers in the world. There is an immediate need to save these remaining tigers before poachers kill them to extinction for the tiger skin, teeth, claws and other useless items. With this Free Flash Clock you can spread the awareness necessary for stopping the tigers from extinction before your own children and grand children sees them live and not include the tiger into the list of extinct animals like dinasaurs.


Why Save The Tigers Animal Clock was Designed ?

Have you ever imagined as to what will happen if we do not save the tigers? The tiger sits on top of the food chain. Tiger eats smaller animals that are sick, wounded and old. This keeps only the fittest animals surviving and passing on good healthy genes to the next generation. These animals that tiger eats are normally grass eating animals. It is very necessary to keep them under check to prevent them from becoming over populated. This is not possible by humans to do. Do you remember what happened with the over running population explosion of rabbits in Australia? Only six pairs of rabbits were introduced to Australia. People tried to kill the rabbits with shot guns, traps, sticks and failed till they introduced an animal to Australia which is a natural predator of rabbits. Now imagine what happens when the tiger goes extinct. So it is time we spread the word "Save The Tiger" and this was my aim in designing MatsClock 1056 Animal Clock. This flash clock can be sent online in emails or downloaded from MatsClock.Com and distributed absolutely free and can also be used in your websites and blogs or can be embeeded in Powerpoint presentation slides to educate and make people aware of the need to save our own eco system and thus we need to Save The Tiger.


Save The Tiger Flash Clock Mission ?

Save the Tiger Flash Clock has a Mission - Even as we speak of saving the tigers before they go extinct, there are people killing tigers to sell the tiger claws, skin, teeth and bones. These things have a market because uneducated and superstitious people still think that the tiger's body parts hole some magic powers which we all know is not true. The tiger teeth is used as a display item in houses, some people wear tiger teeth as a locket around their neck, some medicines use the tiger bones to make uneducated and illiterate people to pay exhorbitant amounts of money for the luseless thinigs in the name of medicines with magical powers. So sad that a tiger has to go through all these. The Save the Tiger Clock will spread awareness. Through this clock I hope to spread awareness to people to save these magnificient animals. It is my way of helping the world and it is your responsibility too. Spread the word around by sending this clock to as many friends and relatives you have world over through emails, facebook, twitter, etc using the buttons below.


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