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Count Your Heartbeat

Every heart is designed to beat a fixed number of times as the medical science states today. Those who have high blood pressure are likely to have high heartbeat also which indirectly means that you use up your pre designed number of heartbeats much faster or die earlier than someone with normal blood pressure and thus slower heart rate. The slower heartbeat you see in the full screen mode of this MatsClock 1369 is how your heartbeat should ideally be beating at always. Buying heart beat flash clock is not necessary as it is absolutely free to view and download.

How Can You Slow Down Heartbeat?

Amazingly, your heartbeat is controlled by the rate at which you breath. If you keep your finger on the other wrist just below your palm closer to the thumb, then you can find an artery on which you can feel your heartbeat. Hold your finger there and count your heartbeat for one minute. Now take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can and you can feel your heartbeat slowing down. Just try it once. It is better to learn breathing techniques than end up buying medicines for heart diseases like high blood pressure.

Control Your Breathing to Slow Down Heartbeat

How you breathe normally makes a big difference on how you spend your fixed amount of heartbeat you were born with. Learn the art of breathing slow and deep taking in as much air as you can normally. A normal breathing is usually about 500 ml of air going in and out. But when you exercise or panic, then your breathing rate increases and your heart rate also increases accordingly. This is normal.

Exercise Lowers Heartbeat?

Athletes have a very low heartbeat rate. This is because they exercise a lot where in the body spends energy. Burning off energy needs oxygen and need deep and fast breathing which also increases heartbeat rate. But when they are not exercising their heartbeat reduces drastically because their breathing naturally becomes deeper and slower as they inhale more than a normal persons average of 500 ml. Thus they actually increase their life span as they save a lot of heartbeat the rest of the day when they are not exercising. No exercise means low metabilic rate which means all the energy is converted into fat and stored in your body under the skin. Once again you end up buying medicines for fatloss. So it is always advisable to ensure that you exercise adequately for a hearlthy heart that beats slow at just 72 beats per minute which is considered ideal. Athletes especially long distance marathon runners are known to have heart beats as low as 40 beats per minute. This is absolutely normal as their body has adapted to this low heartbeat. Nothing to get alarmed and do not go and start buying medicines for this type of low heartbeat because it is not a disease.

Howmuch Exercise to Lower Heartbeat Rate?

Doctors say that 30 minutes brisk walking or such exercises is enough to stay healthy. But you must do 30 minutes exercise at least once a day and if possible in the morning. Exercise keeps your metabolism rate high for upto 12 hours. So if you exercise early in the morning then your body will continue to use up energy and prevents you from putting on fat which itself will keep your heartbeat rate low. Exercising in the evening will not help because it makes you hungry and you eat more and when you sleep off the metabolism rate slows down unlike the morning exercise wherein the metabolism continues to remain high as you are awake through the day and working. Thus morning exercise is best suited to prevent gaining weight, keep your metabolism rate high and your heartbeat rate low. Copy & Paste MatsClock 1069 Heartbeat Clock HTML code to your webpages. It is FREE!


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