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This is an aircraft compass with a chronometer or clock superimposed on it. The clock shows how an aircraft compass looks like. A pilot steers his aircraft from one place to another by flying the correct direction looking at the compass heading. MatsClock 1065 aircraft compass clock has both the compass rose as well as a pair of clock needles that show hours and minutes. This helps the pilot steer a certain heading on his direction compass for a set number of time in minutes or seconds or hours looking at the chronometer or clock needles right on top of the aircraft compass itself.

Aircraft Compass And Clock Importance

The pilot navigates from one place to another at a certain speed through the air. There is no milestones or road signs or traffic signals along in the air. So the pilot has to keep his aircraft heading in a certain direction for a long time. The aircraft compass detects the earths magnetism and aligns itself regularly. Thus the pilot gets a good sense of direction and can maintain his heading very accurately provided he has a good quality aircraft compass. The speed of the aircraft will tell him how long it will take him to reach his destination. He looks at the clock or his aircraft chronometer and knows his position exactly. Thus in an aircraft both the compass as well as the clock is of high importance. Using his chronometer and compass the pilot can go to any airport in the world provided his aircraft has enough fuel for the aircraft and food and water for the pilot plus passengers. Thus Chronometers and aircraft compass are made to be very accurate.









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