MatsClock Video

MatsClock Video - How to Use MatsClock

In this video you can clearly see how to change the color of the frame and change the animated text inside the dial of MatsClock Free Flash Clocks by clicking on the color square you see on the left top corner of MatsClock. Clicking on the color square opens a color pallet which you can select the color of your choice. If you want to choose more color then click on the paint tray on the top right side of the color pallet. You may also use the color dropper by just clicking on it and then taking your mouse cursor to any place inside the frame to chose the color of your clock frame.. You can also change the color of the Flash Clock Dial in some of the MatsClock. The MatsClock color pallet also allows you to choose the alpha factor to ensure that if you have a background picture then it shows up below the clock frame. Change the color of the clock frame according to your mood.

MatsClock Video - Changing Animated Text in MatsClock

You can easily change the animated text you see in the lower part of the MatsClock. In this MatsClock Video you can see how to highlight the animated text and type in any text you want like your own name or your company name etc. You can also permanently change the message in the flash clock dial of matsclock by changing the text file named "extmessages.txt" But ensure that you change the text only in between the two signs  "=" and "&" Once you have changed these texts ensure that the matsclock free flash clock .swf file and the extmessages.txt file are placed in the same directory. You can also send these flash clocks as greeting cards in email etc To ensure that your message is displayed in MatsClock Flash Clock, you must send both the .swf clock file and .txt extmessages together.