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UTC-5:00 hrs Universal Coordinated Time. GMT-5:00 is accepted as the standard time in many places in the world like Indiana (East), Eastern Time (both US & Canada), Bogota, Lima, Quito. This free flash clock runs the UTC-5:00 Universal Coordinated Time on MatsClock-gmt-1336 free flash clock in your PC/Laptop irrespective of your computer time.



 Country Standard Time GMT-5:00

GMT-5:00 is used by far too many countries. The major citites using GMT-5:00 as their standard time is New York, LIma, Toronto, Bogota, Havana, Kingston etc. The countries using GMT-5:00 as their country standard time starts with Bahamas, Parts of Brazil like Acre, Amazonas (13 western municipalities, between Tabatinga and Porto Acre), Canada which follows (Eastern Time Zone) Nunavut (Qikiqtaaluk Region except Resolute), Ontario (East of 90 deg west except Big Trout Lake Area, then Atikokan area, New Osnaburgh and Pickle Lake area, Upsala (West of 90 deg west), Quebec et. Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama and Peru are also following GMT-5:00 as their  country standard time.


 Country Standard Time GMT-5:00

GMT-5:00 is used by Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands in United Kingdom. In the United States (Eastern Time Zone) you will find GMT-5:00 being sued in Delware, District of Columbia, Florida (Except the western countries of Calhoun, the Gulf (northern part) and Jackson and all other countries on their west. GMT-5:00 is used by Georgia, Indiana (except the north western countries of Jasper, Lake LaPorte, Newton, Porter and Starke, then the south western countries of Gibson, Perry, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh and warrick also use GMT-5:00 as their  country standard time,)


GMT-5:00 is also used in Kentucky (Countries to theeast of Breckenridge, Grayson, Hart, Green Adair, Clinton and Russell)) Maryland, Michigan (except the western countries of Dickinson, Gogebic, Iron and Menominee) use GMT-5:00. Further, New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Islands and Vermont use GMT-5:00, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennesse (countries of Scott, Morgan, Rhea, Roane, Meigs and Bradley and all countires east of these also use GMT-5:00). West Virginia, Virginia itself and United States Minor Outlying Islands like Navassa Island also use GMT-5:00 as their country standard time.