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Universal Coordinated Time Clock (UTC-8:00)  Baja California uses GMT-8:00 hrs as their country standard time. Even the Pacific Time in US and Canada is set to read UTC-8:00 as the standard time. Get this free flash clock to display UTC-8:00 Hours on your Computer. Get MatsClock-gmt-1342


Country Standard Time GMT-8:00

GMT-8:00 is used as country standard time by a few cities like Los Angeles, Vancouver, Tijuana etc. The major countires are in Canada (Pacific Time Zone) like British Columbia (except south eastern communities of Cranbrook, Golden and Invermere) and Yukon. The GMT-8:00 time offset is used as country standard time in France (Clipperton Island), Baja California in Mexico, Pitcairn Islands in United Kingdom.

GMT-8:00 Country Standard Time in US

GMT-8:00 is used as country standard time in many states in USA (Pacific Time Zone) like the areas of Hyder with DST and Metlakatla without DST in Alaska, California, North of Salmon River in Idaho, Nevada except west Wendover, all the state of Oregon except Malheur County but including a small strip in the South of Malheur and lastly in Washington.