Time on Clock is UTC/GMT - 10:00 Hours

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Greenwich Mean Time Hawaii Clock (GMT-10:00)  You can call UTC minus ten hours as the Hawaii Clock because Hawaii uses GMT-10:00 hours as their country standard time. MatsClock-gmt-1346 was designed to display Hawaii country standard time on your computer irrespective of which part of the world you are in.



Country Standard Time GMT-10:00 

The major cities maintaining country standard time GMT-10:00 are Papeete and Honolulu. The main countries maintaining GMT-10:00 as standard time offset are France, New Zealand, Hawaii, and some parts of US. In France, French Polynesia (except Marquesas Islanda and Gambier Islands), in New Zealand it is used in Cook Islands, In US (Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone) GMT-10:00 is maintained by Aleutian Islands west of 169.5 deg west in Alaska. GMT-10:00 is maintained in Hawaii as far west as Necker Island. In the United States Minor Outlying Islands like Johnston Atoll maintains a country standard time of GMT-10:00.



MatsClock 1346 Dsiplays GMT-10:00

You can go anywhere in the world with your computer. As long as your computer shows the correct local time which should have set in the operating system, the MatsClock 1346 will display you the time offset of GMT-10:00 hours or the greenwich mean time minus ten hours.










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