Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC - 10:30 Hours

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Universal Coordinated Time Clock (UTC-10:30)  The UTC-10:30 is presently not being used as country standard time anywhere in the world. But who knows tomorrow a volcano erupts and makes new land in the ocean exactly on this meridian which has GMT-10:30 hours as the country standard time. Anyway view this time in MatsClock-gmt-1347 free flash clock.



Country Standard Time GMT-10:30 (MatsClock-1347)

Today no country uses GMT-10:30. But GMT-10:30  was once used as country standard time in Hawaii from the year 1900 till 1947. Starting with 1947 all the time was changed to GMT-10:30 time zone. Later the GMT was also known as UTC or universal coordinated time. MatsClock 1347 is designed to display GMT-10:30 on your computer, phones and other gadgets provided you have set the local time correctly because Matsclock-1347 calculates UTC by subtracting the GMT offset from your time and then adds or subtracts 10:30 from the GMT.