Time on Clock is UTC/GMT - 11:00 Hours

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Coordinated Universal Time -11 (UTC-11:00 Clock)  Did you know that GMT minus eleven hours is a time which is also called Coordinated Universal Time - 11 ? MatsClock-gmt-1348 free flash clock above is designed to display UTC-11:00 hours on your computer even though your local time is running on a different GMT.



Country Standard Time GMT-11:00

MatsClock-1048 is designed to display GMT-11:00 hours or eleven hours offset before greenwich mean time. There are many places in the world that maintains a country standard time of GMT-11:00. These are United States with American Samoa and French Frigate Shoals and all of the Northwetern Hawaiian Islands located further west in Hawaii. The United States Minor Outlying Islands like Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll and Palmyra Atoll also maintains  GMT-11:00 as their country standard time. And lastly Niue in New Zealand also maintains  GMT-11:00 as its country standard time.