Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC - 11:30 Hours

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 Coordinated Universal Time Clock (UTC-11:30)  MatsClock-gmt-1349 free flash clock is designed to display Greenwich Mean Time minus eleven hours thirty minutes. But GMT-11:30 is on a meridian which does not have any country suitably positioned on  to use UTC-11:30 as its country standard time.



Country Standard Time GMT-11:30 (MatsClock 1349)

At present no country in the world is known to be using GMT-11:30 as their country standard time. GMT-1130 is same as GMT+0:30 if you are using a 12 hour clock as the hour and minutes hands reach the same position in both these conditions. But, if you are looking at a 24 hour clock then there is going to be a 12 hours difference between GMT-1130 and GMT+30. However MatsClock-1349 is a 24 hour clock. After 12 pm MatsClock 1349 will start showing 12, 13, 14 and so on till 23 hours. This is done to tell you that time is PM in the MatsClock. Once again when the needles go past midnight, the dial automatically starts displaying time from 1, 2, 3, and so on up till 12 which tells you that it is AM now.