Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 02:30 Hours

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GMT+02:30 (MatsClock - 1305)

MatsClock 1305 displays time of GMT+2:30 hours. If a country has a time offset of GMT+2:30 hours, then you run this matsclock to see what is the local time in that country or city. Thus you do not have to have too many number of clocks one for each city or country. Just this one matsclock will show the time in all those countries maintaining GMT+2:30 or two hours and thirty minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.




Country Standard Time GMT+2:30 Hours

No government of any country seems to be keen on adopting GMT+2:30 hours as their country standard time. No specific reason. It is more of convenience and may be they have trouble when they shift to daylight saving time because dst normally is set within 2 hours of mid night on local time.