Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 03:30 Hours

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GMT+3:30 (MatsClock 1307)

MatsClock 1307 displays the time GMT+3:30 hours. This matsclock needles always point to a time three hours and thirty minutes ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time. The MatsClock 1307 first calculates the GMT from your local time and then adds 3:30 hours to it. So it is important that you set the correct local time in your computer by synchronizing time from a time server online. Synchronising time is very important whenever you travel to a different country immediately on reaching there. The operating system will synchronise your time only once a week or so. To get the correct GMT+3:30 on this matsclock you should keep the local time synchronised always.



Country Standard Time GMT+3:30 Hours

Amazingly, Iran is the only country in the world is using GMT+3:30 hours as its country standard time. The main city thus is Tehran which is keeping the country standard time of GMT+3:30 hours. So as mentioned in the previous para, to get MatsClock 1307 to display the correct country standard time you should ensure that you have synchronised your local time.