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GMT+04:00 (MatsClock 1308)

MatsClock 1308 displays time of GMT+4:00 hours. All MatsClock in the 1300 series is designed to show time offset of a few hours in advance or after the GMT. MatsClock is no different. This MatsClock shows you the time GMT+4:00 hours or four hours past greenwich mean time. You can run this clock to see the local time in all those countries where GMT+4:00 is used as their country standard time.


Country Standard Time GMT+4:00 Hours

Dubai, Baku and Moscow are the major cities in the world using GMT+4:00 hours as their country standard time. There are quite a few countries maintaining GMT+4:00 as their country standard time starting with Armenia and Azerbaijan. In Frnace French Southern and Antarctic Lands of Crozet Islands, Scattered Islands in Indian Ocean where Glorioso Islands and Tromelin Islands as well as Reunion use GMT+4:00 hours as their country standard time. Then we have Georgia, Mauritius, Oman, Seychelles and United Arab Emirates (UAE) also using GMT+4:00 hours as their country standard time. And lastly Russia which uses Moscow Time, also has a few parts of it maintaining GMT+4:00 as their country standard time like Central Federal District, North Caucasian Federal District, Northwestern Federal District (except Kaliningrad Oblast) Southern Federal District and Volga Federal District (except Bashkortostan, Orenburg Oblast and Perm Krai. Crimea was also using Greenwich Mean Time plus 4:00 hours as its country standard time till 30 Mar 2014 after which it shifted to Moscow Time.







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