Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 04:30 Hours

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GMT+ 4:30 Greenwich Mean Time Plus 4:30 Hours

MatsClock 1309 displays Greenwich Mean Time Plus 4:30 hours. The Greenwich Mean Time is now refered as Universal Coordinated Time and Zulu time also. You can run MatsClock 1309 any time and see the local time of any country keeping gmt+4:30 as its local time.



Country Standard Time gmt+4:30 hours

Only Afghanistan uses gmt+4:30 as its country standard time. The major city keeping 4:30 hours ahead of greenwich mean time is obviously is Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan. So to see what is the local time in Afghanistan you just need to run MatsClock 1309 provided that you have correctly set the local time of your location because the 4:30 hours time offset is done by MatsClock based on the time set in your computer or phone in which you are running this matsclock.