Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 05:30 Hours (IST)

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GMT+5:30 Indian Standard Time - IST

MatsClock 1311 displays time of GMT+5:30 hours which is used as Indian Standard Time. MatsClock 1311 will show continue to show you Indian Standard Time GMT+5:30 anywhere in the world. The only condition is that you should synchronise your computer to the correct local time in your location. Indian Standard Time is calculated by getting the GMT from your local time first and then adding 5:30 to that time.



Indian Standard Time (IST)

GMT+5:30 hour is also called Indian Standard Time or IST because GMT+5:30 is used as country standard time only in India and Srilanka which is a very small country compared to the huge size of India. Indians are spread round the world. It is well known that Indian nurses and doctors are there in every hospital world over. Thus gulf countries has countless Indian citizens working in various capacities. Thus it makes sense for Indians to see the Indian Standard time or the local time in India in their computers sitting in various parts of the world. MatsClock 1311 was designed as GMT+5:30 hours which happens to be Indian Standard Time. Thus in the page instead of using the country standard time I used Indian Standard Time or IST.