Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 08:30 Hours

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Greenwich Mean Time GMT+8:30 (MatsClock 1317)

MatsClock 1317 displays the time offset GMT+8:30 hours. Even if you go to the other side of the earth from where you are located now, MatsClock 1317 will continue to show you the local time of any country of place that is maintaining their local time synchronised to GMT+8:30 hours in your computer. MatsClock 1317 does not alter your computer time. But it just calculates the GMT from your computer time and then repositions the hour and seconds needles of the MatsClock 1317 to display GMT+8:30 hours.



Country Standard Time GMT+8:30

Presently, there are no countries known to keep their country standard time synchronised to GMT+8:30 hours. However, Eucla in Western Australia is known to keep GMT+8:45 as their country standard time instead of GMT+8:30 hours which is just 15 minutes ahead of the time displayed by MatsClock 1317 you see here.