Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 12:30 Hours

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GMT+12:30 MatsClock 1325

MatsClock 1325 is a simple free flash clock that gives you a time offset from the Greenwich Mean Time GMT+12:30 hours or half a day ahead of GMT. So if you want to know what time is it in a certain country or region in the world that maintains its local time or country standard time at GMT+12:30 hours ahead of the greenwich mean time, then you just need to download MatsClock 1325 and double click on it to run it in your computer. Irrespective of which part of the world you and your computer are located, MatsClock 1325 will continue to show your greenwich meant time GMT+12:30 hours.



Country Standard Time GMT+12:30 Hours

GMT+12:30 is not maintained as the country standard time anywhere in the world. But Chatham Islands in New Zealand maintains GMT+12:30+0:15 or a country standard time offset of GMT+12:45 hours on the lighter side just fifteen minutes further ahead of what MatsClock 1325 indicates.