Pendulum GrandFather Clock

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Grand Father Clock UTC

The MatsClock 1370 is a very uniqu GrandFather Clock which shows UTC. UTC Stands for Universal Time Constant. UTC was required because people wanted to synchronize their clocks and watches to one time. But if everyone was to set the same time then midnight would be 12 am in some countries, noon in some countries and breakfast time in some other countries depending on where on earth they are. So humans got together and said that the UTC or Universal Time Constant would be set on the Greenwich Meridian and everyone will offset their clocks by one hour every 15 degrees longitude they are off the greenwich meridian. Depending on which country they are living in and how many longitudes their country covers, the country will set one of their middle longitude passing through their country preferably through the center of the country as their standard longitude and the time there will be followed by every one in that country. Some countries like russia are so large that they required more than one standard time.

Setting UTC On GrandFather Clocks

I am sure you would have never seen a grandfather clock displaying UTC. But the grandfather clock is like a large box with a glass lid. All you need to do is open the box lid and rotate the minutes needles through 360 deg to get one hour change on the hour needle because both the needles are connected through mechanical gears. But if you try to rotate the hours needle then the minutes needle will not rotate. Instead the hours needle may break. And there was no seconds needle. You had to look at the pendulum swinging left and right once every second.