Pendulum GrandFather Clock

Grandfather Pendulum Clock
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Grand Father Clock with Pendulum

Grandfather clocks were real lookers those days. With the advent of modern day quartz wall clocks, the good old grandfather clocks with large pendulums that swing with time started losing charm. People wanted more space in their small homes and so sold off those large pendulum clocks made of wood and brass gears making big sound tick tak. But as the people became richer they found that the small round wall clocks are not enough to give an elegant look to their drawing rooms. And that brough back the good old grandfather clock back to our homes in its full glory. I designed MatsClock 1403 to mimic an old antique wood and brass grandfather clock.

Royal GrandFather Pendulum Clocks

Grandfather clocks used to find place in royal palaces and rich mans drawing room in old times. These Grandpa clocks were carved out of some of the finest woods available at those times. Carpenters and artisians spent hundreds of hours in making each master piece. But when people discarded these masterpieces out of their home they were dismantled and sold as scrap metal and wood. The brass gears that made the Grand Pa clocks work were sold at high price and the beautifully carved wood fuelled the furnace. The legacy of the grandfather clock was slowly fading away. But today, the grandfather clock is returning. The difference is that these clocks are now being manufactured from composites using autocad and computers automatically and the brass gears are now replaced with cheaper metals with better strength and durability. The good old grandfather clock is never going to return. But if you can find a antique grand father clock somewhere with real brass gears, real wood carved in the last century, even if it is faded and even if it is not working even then it is worth collecting and adorning your drawing room at home or your office. The larger the clock the better it is. The better the wood carving the more majestic your grandfather clock.

GrandFather Clock Pendulums

The pendulum swinging inside is the real  show stealer in a grandfather clock. The taller the clock the longer the pendulum in it. The longer the pendulum, the slower the swing rate of the pendulum. The slow pendulum in a grandfather clock actually gives a feeling of calmness as the pendulum looks as if it is slowing down the time itself. What more can a stressed up person ask for. The pendulum grandfather clock thus makes it a stress buster in addition to giving its surrounding an elegant royal look. See that you position your grand father clock in such a way that the pendulum is visible to you always.

How to Find a Real Grand Father Clock ?

Today, grandfather clocks are available online to buy. But these are not real. They are made in the modern day. To get an antique grandfather clock you may need to look in some social sites like twitter, facebook etc and put up a request. You will be a lucky buyer if you find an old antique real grandfather clock.