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Flash Clock Website HTML Embed Code

. To insert MatsClock Free Flash Clock into your website or blog for a professional look with a live clock. Copy and paste the html embed code given below anywhere on your webpage or blog. Change the height and width as required.

<object id="flash1" data="" style="width: 500px; height: 500px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
<param name="movie" value="" />

Remember to change the width and height. If you like a particular MatsClock Free Flash Clock Model then you may replace matsclocks.swf with matsclock-xxxx.swf where xxxx stands for the four digit matsclock model number you see on a the matsclock.

MatsClock - Embed Free Flash Clocks in Website/Blog

All the Clocks you find at are absolutely free to download, free to distribute, send as free gift and free to embed on your websites, blogs and powerpoint presentations. Use the above given html embed code to insert any swf file including matsclock free flash clocks to your websites and blogs. Remember to change the width, height and address of the flash file location. Free Download 50 Flash Clock and Wrist Watches  (small 1 mb file) to your computer in a single zip file.


Why Embed Flash Clock in Website?

Computers and games are very addictive in nature and people lose track of time when they are working on their computer. The internet webpages especially the internet game websites, blogs, social networking etc are interactive and completely chains a person to the computer and internet and are even more addictive. To keep track of time many people finally spend money and buy wallclock or sit on their computer wearing a wrist watch. But even then they forget to look at the wallclock hanging just above the computer monitor and never ever bother to look at their wrist watch either. This is a proof that they are addicted. Instead of buying a wallclock or a sophisticated wrist watch, it is better that you insert a beautiful clock into to your website on every page. This allows your visitor to know the time.


How Does Embedding Clock Help SEO or Webmaster?

Suppose the visitor looks at the flash clock on your website and find out that he or she is getting late, they are likely to exit the internet and shut down their computer. You are right. But most likely they will BOOKMARK your website for future viewing. Once bookmarked, the site remains in the bookmark because no one ever removes your website from book mark. Thus you ensured that the visitor will come back to that particular page on your website they were viewing. This is very good SEO method too. Again you must be wondering what is the chance of a bookmark happening. Let us consider that the probability of your site getting bookmarked is just one in a million. But then there are about 300 million people online at any given moment around the world from over 223 countries. And this happens everyday. My advice is that always embed a free flash clock on your website. In case you want to have a customised flash clock for your website that leads anyone clicking on the clock to come back to your website, then contact me. You can buy a customised flash clock for a small price depending on the complexitiy of the clock you require. Otherwise use any free flash clock you find on this matsclock site without any kind of modification. These clocks when clicked does lead the visitor back to