Analog Clock Timer (Free) with Hours, Minute, Seconds Needles show Live Time

Free Download MatsClock 120130   This Live Analog Clock displays live time using hours, minutes and seconds needle accurately. It looks and feels like a real analog wall clock in your home. It was designed using only the inbuilt features of PowerPoint software. No external software was used to make it and thus the File Size is only 45 kb. This analog clock is Not animation but a real analog clock.

This analog clock can be used in School Classrooms, during College lecutres and even in Business Presentations to make your presentation look more professional. You can display this clock to your audience on your presentation screen even before your presentation starts on your screen.Your audience will love this analog clock and will Earn You Respect instanly.

How to Start Analog Clock?

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Double Click the Clock file to open it in PowerPoint and Enable Content if asked because this is a .pptm file. Go to Presentation mode and move your mouse cursor over the lower part of the analog clock around the digit 6 or below that, and the Hours, Minutes and Seconds Needles of the analog clock will align to display the correct time and will continue to update time every second. Also the Digital Clock below the wall clock also starts showing Live Time.

If the analog clock needles do not show current time then press escape and Enable Macro. This matsclock analog clock uses macro to make the hour, minute and seconds needles as well as the Digital Clock timer placed below the wall clock, to show time.

To enable Macro in PowerPoint, Click the File tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon menu on top and Click on the following in sequence.

File >> Options >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Enable all macros

Now Close it and run the clock in Presentation mode again. Pressing the function button F5 on your keyboard will also take you to the Presentation mode. Your clock should start working.

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