MatsClock 120136 - Alarm Clock PowerPoint PPT Slide (Free)

MatsClock 120136 Alarm Clock (Free)   Designing a PowerPoint Presentation PPT today? Free Download MatsClock 120136 for Free. It is a Beautiful Alarm Clock Live Timer PPT Slide that can Earn Respect from Your Audience instantly, then this Alarm Clock with real needles showing real time is for you. As usual, this MatsClock is also Royalty-Free to Download and use. And that includes even Business Presentations. You can even use this PowerPoint PPT Slides as your Presentation Templates. At Everything is Free.

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Starting MatsClock 120136 Alarm Clock Timer

Just move your Mouse Cursor over the digital timer digits of the alarm clock or move the cursor from top to bottom and back to top of the screen when the PowerPoint PPT Slide is in Presentation mode. This will trigger the action to align the hour, minute and seconds hands of the alarm clock to the correct time like magic instantly and will also start the Digital Clock. Both the digital clock as well as the alarm clock needles will keep updating time once every second.

This clock will surely earn you respect from your audience instantly. Start this alarm clock well before your presentation starts and also during tea breaks as well as during your question answer session. Most people keep a 'Q' or a '?' on the screen. I suggest you leave this alram clock or any other MatsClock from our website to display time, so that you and your audience can keep track of time using your own presentation clock timer on full screen.

I have displayed almost all my MatsClocks during many of my presentations. I found people stuck to the clock face, the hour, minute and seconds needles. Often it is the digital clock that the audience focus on. What ever my audience look at, I get the full attendance of my audience and they are hooked to my presentation. Even during tea breaks the MatsClock I displayed on screen is the talk of many of my audience. Most of them praise me for showing them time passing elegantly and allowing them to keep track of time accurately without looking at their own wrist watches and mobile phones. 

How to Enable Macro in PowerPoint  to Run this MatsClock

For this MatsClock 120136 (Free) Alarm Clock to run, you will need to Enable the Macro in PowerPoint. You may Enable Macro temporarily in PowerPoint Software to run this Alarm Clock. For that the first method is to Click on the 'Enable Content' which appears in light yellow color on top of the PowerPoint slide when your PC or Laptop asks you when you open the MatsClock Wall Clock 120135. But, you may also use the other method for better control on your PowerPoint software as below.

To enable Macro in PowerPoint software manually, Click the File tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon menu on top and Click on the following in sequence.

File >> Options >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Enable all macros

PowerPoint Presentation Tip

To Start any PowerPoint Presentation in Full Screen or Presentation mode, the short cut is to Press the function button F5 on your keyboard. It does not matter which PPT Slide you were editing. Pressing the F5 Function key on the Keyboard starts the PowerPoint Presentation in Full Screen Presentation mode from the first slide of your PPT. I use this PowerPoint Tip often because it is so convenient.

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