MatsClock 120138 - Pendulum Clock PowerPoint PPTX Slide (Free)

MatsClock 120138 Pendulum Clock PPTX (Free)   If you have a presentation coming up to a large audience, we recommend showing this Pendulum Analog Clock PowerPoint PPTX clock Slide to your audience. This clock shows the actual time running in your computer on full screen with hours, minutes and seconds needles as well as a digital time that changes every second to earn you respect from your audience. You can keep it running even before your presentation starts, during tea time breaks and during your question answer sessions.

How to Start the MatsClock 120138 Digital Analog Clock

The moment you move the mouse cursor over the clock dial, the clock starts working. The digital read out starts showing the time in the dial and the hour, minute and seconds needles align with the correct time instantly and starts updating time.

This MatsClock pendulum clock is set inside a dome to enhance its beauty. If you liked this Matsclock analog clock then kindly share the link to www.MatsClock.Com to your contacts on social media, email etc. We endavour to give all our hours of work absolutely free to everyone it it helps to earn them respect.

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