MatsClock 120138 - Analog Wall Clock in PowerPoint PPTX Slide (Free)

MatsClock 120139 Analog Wall Clock PPTX (Free)   Preparing a Presentation? Why not show Current Time on Full Screen to your audience and earn respect even before your Presentation starts? You can Free Download MatsClock 120139 Analog Wall Clock which is designed purely in PowerPoint PPTX Slide. Very small file size, but can impress your audience as they start arriving at your auditorium. All MatsClocks are Free to Download, use and Share on any media.

How to Start the MatsClock 120138 Digital Analog Clock

To get the analog clock and the digital timer running and showing the current time, all you need to do is to move your mouse around on the analog clock face once you have entered the Presentation mode in the PowerPoint software. Magically all the three needles will start indicating the correct, hour, minutes and seconds as well as the digital time also starts running. If the clock does not start showing time then please ensure that you have enabled Macro from the Setting  of PowerPoint.

This MatsClock pendulum clock is set inside a dome to enhance its beauty. If you liked this Matsclock analog clock then kindly share the link to www.MatsClock.Com to your contacts on social media, email etc. We endavour to give all our hours of work absolutely free to everyone it it helps to earn them respect.

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