About PhotoGraphics

I have been using various photo editing software, vector graphics software and 3D software for over two decades now. My passion is in generating graphics which look beautiful to the eyes like 3D download buttons, cars, text grahics, transparencies, shadows etc. I love creating plastic and glass type texture and look to my graphics. I have tried many graphics software but never found one that can match Xara Photographics Designer Pro. I have been using photo editors both free and paid, never found one that is able to to do things too much better than Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro. I have been using 3D software which were too costly to buy and requires some time and a lot of CPU power to render what I created. I had to wait a long time to see the results of what I made. But in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro, as I create graphics it is there right in front of my eyes without any time required for rendering later and amazingly Xara Designer Pro works on any home computer without asking for much CPU power or any other additional hardware. The quality of files generated by Xara Designer Pro is far superior to most graphics software available today. But what has caught my attention is the super fast rendering engine which allows me to see whatever graphics I am making in real time with no lag or rendering time. Second feature of Xare Designer Pro that caught my attention is that the user does not need to learn how to use the software. All the action buttons are right there in front of your eyes around the white drawing area to be used.

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My Experience About Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

Since the late 90's I have been using Xara. So I thought I must give back to the community what I learned over these few years playing around and working with the various Trial Version of Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software every time it was released. I was always the speed of Xara Designer Pro that has always appealed to me because I was concurrently using other graphics as well as 3D software. I found that I had to wait to see the results of what I have created to be rendered in almost all 3D software for as much as 20 minutes. An animation of just 30 seconds duration in a respectable 3D sofware used to take up to 3 days for my computer to render. The screen used to freeze. But those I had no mobile phones with me, so had the patience to sit and wait for days for my animation to render. And those days obviously I had a 750 MHz CPU compared to the quad core 2.3 GHz CPU I have now. But when I did a 3D in Xara even on my 750 MHz computer, Xara was too fast and took no time at all to render text and objects in 3D. Making a gif out of the 3D generated image too took no time. Everything was rendering in real time as I worked with my mouse. That speed magic of Xara is continuing to this day. Even complex shapes and 3D objects render in real time however the degree of complexity you give to the graphics or to the 3D in Xara Designer Pro.

Why Dedicated Xara Designer Pro Tools Videos?

There is a saying, "Give a man a Fish and you feed him for a Day. But Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for ever." So most of the videos you will find in section is nothing but how to use various tools in Xara Designer Pro software and not how to create graphics and 3D etc. I did it on purpose because if I just teach you how to make a few graphics, then you will be able to make only that or similar graphics. But if I teach you how to use the tools in Xara Designer Pro Software then I teach you how to make graphics and art work you want to create using the tips and tricks I demonstrate through my videos on how to use various tools in Xara Designer Pro. The only way you can learn how to use Xara is by doing things yourself. Just watching the Xara Designer Pro Videos will not be enough. I strongly recommend you Download Xara Designer Pro Software - Click here and start using it. Xara Designer Pro is fully functional software which you can evaluate for about a month. If you like it go and buy it, if not just uninstall it from your computer easily. But believe me you will never find a better software that does the job of five software (A Photo Editor Software, A DTP Software, A 3D Software, A Vector Graphics Software and A WebSite Making Software) all combined into one single powerful easy to use software. Believe it or Use Xara PhotoGraphics Designer and feel Xara yourself. The choice is yours.