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How to Use Bevel Tool in Xara Designer Pro X

Bevel Tool in Xara Designer Pro X Photo and Graphics Software is very simple. Just click on any object you want to create a bevel on and then click on the Bevel Tool which looks like a concentric square or one square inside another or like a square photo frame, in the Action Tool Menu along the left edge of your Xara Designer Pro white drawing area. The text or any shape you have clicked will now have eight double headed arrows showing up around it. All that you need to do is to click on any of these arrows and drag the mouse keeping the left mouse button pressed away or towards the shape or text and the 3D bevel will be created instantly. The greatest feature of Xara is that anything you do on screen gives instant results as you are doing it. Even dedicated high cost 3D software won't give you this super fast on screen rendering without any delay. Xara has been designed with the fastest rendering engine in the software world today.

Bevel Tool Variations in Xara Designer Pro X Software

Xara Designer Pro X does not stop at basic bevel. There are about 16 various types of bevel available in Xara. These are all available in the drop down menu of Bevel Tool that appears on the top of the white drawing area when you click on the Bevel action tool.  When you clicked the Bevel Tool, a new tool bar will open on the top of the white drawing area with two drop down menus, one slider, one digital read out in percentage and a five more icons after that. The first drop down menu reads either "None" indicating that the bevel is ready to be created. If you click on the small arrow next to the word "None", you will get 14 more Bevel Tool options like, Flat, Rounded, Rounded 2, Chiselled, Chiselled 2,  Round Frame, Round Frame 2, Flat Top Frame, Point Frame 1, Point Frame 2, Point Frame 3, Ruffle Frame 1, Ruffle Frame 2, Ruffle Frame 3 and Ruffle Frame 4. Each of these Bevel Tool option will give a completely different Bevel to the Text of Shape you have selected. Just click on each of these bevel tool options to see what each bevel tool option gives you.

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Bevel Tool Light in Xara Designer Pro X

The Xara Designer Pro X does not stop at giving basic bevel tool options. In fact the white window next to the Bevel Option gives the control on four entities namely, Size of Bevel, the Contrast of the Bevel created, the Light Angle and the elevation of the light, each of which will give four different controls. When you click on the Bevel Size option, you will see a slider appear next to the Size window which gives you the option to increase the bevel from zero inches to 3.47 inches in size. You can either move the slider left and right to increase or decrease the size of the bevel in Xara Designer Pro or just type in the Bevel size value in the digital white window next to the slider. The Bevel size slider is easier to use and gives more control on the bevel size. Use the small arrow next to the Size window and click on the contrast option. The contrast can be increased from 0% to 100%. The 0% contrast means the bevel and the object will go flat. If you slide contrast to 100% then you will see maximum shadow and light in the Bevel of the object or text selected. Any contrast between 0 and 100 will give your shape or text the intermediate of these two extreme bevel contrasts. The third Xara Designer Pro X option is Light Angle. You can change the light angle between 0 and 360 degrees to get the light and shadow of the bevel on the direction you require. On simple shapes and text you will get an arrow on the shape which you can rotate using the left mouse button. In complex shapes you only have the slider and digital window option to change the bevel light angle. The fourth option is the "Light Elevation" which allows you to set the relative height of the light with respect to the shape or text.

Bevel Tool in Xara Designer Pro X

The Bevel Tool icons on the right side of the slider and bevel angle read out windows of Xara Designer Pro X do completely different things. The first and second options are basically for you to make the bevel of the shape or text appear either outside or inside. That means, if you click the semicircle with two arrows pointing radialy outwards, the bevel will form outside the text or shape. And if you click on the inverted semicircle with two arrows pointing radialy inwards, you can create the bevel inside the text or the object depending on your graphics requirement.  The next three options give you the ability to ensure that the bends or corners of the bevel on the shape or text are either bending sharply, smoothly or angularly. Click on each bevel tool option to see what Xara Designer Pro X can do with your bevel tool.

Xara Designer Pro X Fast Bevel Rendering

As you have already experienced the Action Bevel Tool in Xara Designer Pro X renders the Bevel on Text, Shapes and graphics or drawing of any amount of complexity renders right in front of your eyes as you move or click your mouse button. This is made possible by the super fast rendering engine which is the core of the Xara Designer Pro X software right from the time Xara software was conceived decades back. This fast rendering engine is not seen in any other software in the world. You may read the History of Xara and you will find that the bevel tool has existed in the Xara Designer Pro Software from the time Xara was initially designed and has continued to increase its potential with additional features added very frequently and improving the ease of use of the Bevel and other tools in Xara Designer Pro X software. Now Xara is a subsidiary of Corel Software which makes many renowned software like Corel draw and Corel Painter and such other famous software used world over. You are likely to find a similar or better rendering engine in all corel software also. But Xara Designer Pro X is the most advanced software for any beginner or novice for photo editing, Vector Graphics editing, 3D graphics creation, making high quality responsive websites and desktop publishing jobs with the ease of using a word processor.