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 Xara Photo Graphics Designer

Xara Photo Graphics Designer (Try it Free for 30 Days) is a Fast, Sophisticated and yet Very Easy to Use Photo Editing Software for home users and beginners who want to Professional Edit Photos and create Vector, Graphics and 3D art etc. Download Xara Designer Pro and use it Absolutely Free for 30 Days before you Buy. Xara Photo Graphics Designer costs only $59 compared to other similar Photo Editing and 3D, Vector, Graphics software of its class. I have been using Xara for over a decade and recommend it as a must have software in all computers because it is so easy to use and gives very high quality results when printed, exactly as you see it on your screen. 



Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer Pro X (Try Free - 30 Days)  is simply a Super Fast and Advanced, Technologically Superior and Sophisticated, All-inOne Software which is a Professional Photo Editing Software, a 3D Art Software, a Website Designing Software, a Graphics Software, a Vector Editing Software and a DTP or Desktop Publishing Software all combined into one single powerful sophisticated software called Xara Designer Pro, which is amazingly Fast and very very easy to use by anyone without any kind of experience.  You can do everything using Xara Designer Pro which can import and export from and to all major file format allowing you to create rich documents easily, saving time and money which otherwise you would have spent to hire a professional artist to do your job. Xara Designer Pro cost is just $299 which is only a fraction of the cost you would be paying to buy any decent Photo Editing Software and not only that, Xara Designer Pro is a bundle of half a dozen software technologies combined into to one single Sophisticated and yet very simple to use without any photo editing, graphics or 3D software experience. If you were to add up the cost of buying each of these software separately, you would have spent thousands of dollars. But Xara is designed with customer satisfaction, simple work flow and high quality results as the foremost goal.




Xara Photo Editor Software

I took less than 2 minutes to Beautify this Face in Xara Photo Graphics Designer.
You can see the difference in the "Before" and "After" animation.

Xara Photo Editing Software - Video Tutorial

In this Xara Designer Pro Video Tutorial, I have demonstrated how to use the Photo Heal Tool to remove the blemishes, artifacts, pimples on the face and beautify the face. Photo Heal Tool is the most imortant tool of any Photo Editing Software and often many photo editing software makes it complicated to operate the Photo Heal Tool. In some of the high end photo editing software just finding the Photo Heal Tool itself is a difficult task. But, with Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor, it is so easy to heal a photo with just a few mouse clicks in a minute or two. Photo Heal Tool is just one out of the hundreds of possiblities to edit and enhance photographcs without having any experience in photo editing using Xara Photo Editing Software. Editing a Photograph in Xara Designer Pro is very easy and fun to work. View the training video tutorial below, how I used the "Photo Heal Tool" in the Xara Photo and Graphics Editor Software.



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Xara Designer Pro Features....


Xara Photo Editing Software - Content Aware Photo Resize

When resizing a photo, all Photo Editing Software will maintain aspect ratio o f the photo and will resize photo proportionately. But Xara Photo Editor has a "Content Aware Photo Resize" Tool. Click on the photo you want to resize and then click on the third from top camera icon in the  Action Tools Menu on the left of the white drawing area of Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor to open a set of 12 Action Tools. This will open a set of 12 icons in a straight line. In this set of icons, click on the eighth icon from the left which looks like a square on a rectangle. Once clicked on the Content Aware Photo Resize tool, it will open a set of additional tools on the top of the Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor drawing area which has many items. Click on the button that says "Prepare" and you will some four double arrows come on the center of all sides of the photo. Now just drag any of the handles to stretch the selected photo. You can see the Magic happen. As you start stretching the photo, you will see that magically the contents like trees, houses, etc starts getting stretched but the people in the photo will retain their size and shape but it only the background that is getting stretched as you drag the handles. If you are stretching the photo maintaining proportion or aspect ratio, then the contents will resize proportionately. Thus the "Content Aware Photo Resize" is a very important Action Tool, which is one of the numerous new technological innovations found exclusively only in Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor Software. The best part of it all is the super fast rendering engine of Xara Designer Pro which lets all your Photo Editing work render instantly on your monitor screen without any delay. This super fast rendering engine is the most guarded secret and also the success of Xara Designer Pro Photo Editing Software.  Download Xara 30 Days Free Trial and use it to experience the power of Xara. View the Training Video bot to learn how to use Content Aware Photo Resizing. View the Xara Designer Pro Content Aware Photo Resize Training Video below



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Xara Photo Editing Software Action Tools

Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor is a Superior Photo Editor which has the ability to combine Graphics and 3D into to your photo editing work flow easily. The plethora of Photo editing tools available in Xara is incredible. Actions Tools are positioned on the left of the white drawing area in Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor. These tools are actually groups of tools. The number of photo editing and graphics action tools available in Xara Photo Editing Software along with their variations is unlimited and unmatched in any other photo editing software. View the Xara Designer Pro Photo Graphics Editing Software interface picture below in which you can see the "Action Tools" laid out on the left of the white drawing area. These are not single tools, each tool when clicked will open an array of similar tools and each of those tools will have unlimited options to enhance your photos. It is a pleasure to work with such a beautiful and simple user interface which you can see below. To see the simplicity of this sophisticated photo editing and 3D Vector Graphics and DTP software that can also be used to create even a website by just draging and dropping items on to the whate drawing area in addition to editing photos  Download Xara 30 Days Free Trial and use it yourself. Seeing is Believing.

Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor Software


Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor - Effects Painter Tool

In Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor there are about two dozen effects painters available in the Effects Painting Action Tool which can enhance your photographs the way you desire. Each of these effects can be painted with varying transparencies and brush sizes. When you click the Camera icon on the Actions Tools Menu on the left side of the drawing area of Xara Photo graphics Designer Pro Photo Editing Software, you will see a series of 12 icons arranged horizontally. Click on the fourth from the left which has a square and a brush on it. The moment you click that icon you will get the Effects Menu on top of the drawing area. The first white windows will show "Overlay". This means you can paint over the photo any colour you want. This will have a transparency slider with which you can increase or reduce the transparency of the painting tool with a digital read out window next to the slider. Further to its right you see size button and a few white circles with a slider below it. Use the slider to increase or decrease the radius of the brush. If you click on the small arrow next to Overlay, you will get 23 more options drop down menu namely, Brighten, Burn Soft, Burn Strong, Darken, Desaturate Meidum, Desaturate Stron, Dodge Soft, Dodge Strong, Saturation Soft, Saturation Strong, Style Cold, Style Exposed, Style Graphic Strong, Style Graphic Medium, Style Graphite, Style Old Photo, Style Sepia, Style Transparent Color, Style Warm, Style Xprocess Strong and Style Xprocess Soft. Each of these with the transparency settings and brush sizes gives an artist or a user editing photos unlimited and unmatched possiblities to enhance any dull photograph, live.   Use Xara Photo Editor 30 Days for Free and experience this sophisticated yet simple Photo Editor Software.

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Easily Erase Background of a Photograph in Xara Photo Editing Software

Erasing the background yet preserving the foreground is one of the most time consuming task in any photo editing job. Some people use magnetic lasso to cut out the foreground, some use mask tool and draw accurately along the edges of the foreground to erase the background etc. But in Xara Designer Pro Photo Editing Software, the process is simple. Just select the Mask Tool, paint an approximate mask. Now go to the Eraser Tool Icon on the Action Tools menu on the left of the white drawing area in Xara designer pro photo editor software, now click on the eraser action tool icon which looks like an eraser and it will open a row of options on the top of the white drawing area. On this Set the size of the  brush, Roundness, Angle, Softness, Smoothing and then click on the "Erase Background" Button. Now draw a few areas on the background outside the mask you have already drawn to tell Xara Photo Editor what are the colours it should erase. Once you have drawn all the different areas to be erased, just click on the "Erase Background" button again. Magically your photo will have its background completely erased. You may repeat the process if there are some areas still not erased. The Background Erase will take under a minute to do which in other software would have taken you over an hour to achieve the quality of background erase that Xara Designer Pro Photo Editing Software gives you. Don't think, Just Download Xara Designer Pro Photo Editor and Try Xara Free for 30 Days and I am sure you will fall in love with Xara Designer Pro Photo Editing Software.


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