3D Object Lighting Control in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer

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Creating Lighting Control for 3D Objects in Xara Designer Pro

To create and control lighting on a 3D object you need to first create a 3D object. This can be done by clicking either on icon T for text or the rectangle shape icon on the left hand side vertical action menu. Once you click T type in some text or if you have clicked the Shape action button, then drag your mouse on the white drawing area to create the shape. Now click on your text or your shape you created and then click on the 3D rectangle icon in the left hand side action menu. Now click on your text or the shape and just drag your mouse with the left button pressed to see your 2D flat shape or text change magically to 3D object. The 3D objects in Xara Photographics Designer Pro always has three hidden lights which will light the object and reflects when you rotate the object.

Controlling 3D Object Lights in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software

To control the lighting and reflections of the 3D object in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software, you need to click on the 3D action tool in the left hand side vertical action menu. The click on the 3D object you have generated. You will not see any lights per say. To see the three lights that are illuminating your 3D object or 3D text which you are working with, just click on the bulb icon on the rightmost end of the 3D Tool menu bar on the top of your drawing area. Clicking the light bulb, will show up three default lights in the form of a set of three 3D arrows all pointing from different directions towards your 3D object. To control the lights you may either use the dialog in the 3D menu bar on top where there is a small arrow next to the white box Extrude depth is wirtten. This will open up a drop down menu with few options like Angle 1, Angle 2, Angle 3 above the extrude depth and below that you will find six more light controls mainly the three lights controlling angles about two axis each like Light 1 Angle 1, Light 1 Angle 2, Light 2 Angle 1, Light 2 Angle 2, Light 3 Angle 1, Light 3 Angle 2. Clicking on any of these will allow you to rotate the light around the object in two axis each using the slider to the right on the horizontal menu bar on the top of white drawing area. When you rotate the lights using the sliders you will see the light and shadow as well as the face/edge reflections of the 3D Object changing as you move the light. You can also move the lights freely by left clicking on any of these three lights and moving your mouse by keeping the left mouse button pressed. Although, this is easier to do, it give more control when you use the sliders.

Changing Colour of 3D Object Lights in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

It is possible to change the colour of your 3D object by just clicking on your 3d Object or text and then clicking on any colour from the colour pallet in the bottom of your white drawing area, or by selecting any colour on your monitor screen using the dropper icon on the left of the Dropper icon on the left side of the colour pallet or you can use the Edit Current Color icon which is on the left of the Dropper icon and clicking on any colour in the dialog box that opens. Similarly, you can change the colour of the three 3D lights also in a similar fashion. Click on any of the three lights and select the colour you want. The light will change to that colour. You can also click on a colour from the colour pallet on the bottom and keeping the left mouse button pressed drag the mouse on to the light and release the left mouse button to get the same effect of changing the light colour. When you rotate the lights the 3D object will show the shadows and reflections changing according to the light position. Similarly when you start rotating the 3D object or 3D text, the light positions remains fixed where they are and the 3D object will show the shadows and reflections as you rotate the 3D object around any axis.

Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Renders Faster Than 3D Software

It is amazing to see that when any dedicated 3D Software will normally take some time to render the results of what changes has been done to a 3D object, Xara despite being a photo and vector editing software renders the 3D object, the 3D object lighting and all other 3D related workflow in real time as you keep working on the 3D objects or text. This is the unparelled power of Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro unseen and unheard of and the best part is that this super fast 3D rendering feature has been there even in the earlier versions of Xara software for over 2 decades and has only been improving over the decades due to the intensive research and development being undertaken by the people working in this company. The second best part is that Xara does not require any extra hardware capabilities and works on almost all modern home computers.