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Creating 3D Objects in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

Xara Photographics Designer can create and manipulate 3D Graphics very easily with just a few mouse clicks. To start 3D Graphics in Xara, you have to first create any object using the Rectangle icon on the left draw a Square or a star or a circle. Now in the user interface of Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Software, look for an icon looking like a Square frame on the left side of the interface and click on it. This opens a set of four icons out of which the right most icon will be 3D. Click on the 3D icon and cursor will change into a cross hair with a cube next to it. Click on the Square or Circle or any shape that you have drawn on the page and move the mouse with the left mouse button kept pressed. If you have clicked on the edge of the shape then the cursor will change to a diagonal double head arrow and the shape will vary its depth and if you have clicked the face of the shape and moved the mouse with the left mouse button pressed then the mouse cursor will change to a plus sign with four arrow heads and the shape will instantly become a 3D object and start moving in all three direction depending on your mouse movement. For finer control you need to use the drop down menu on top left of Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Software for 3D, which will have the 3D icon and 'Extrude depth' written next to it. You can click on the small down arrow next to the 'Extrude Depth' to use other options like Object Angle 1,2 and 3, then the 'Perspective' which allows you to change the perspective of your Xara Photographics 3D object to vary according to your requirement. The last six items in the drop down menu are three sets of Light Angle pairs, using which you can rotate and position the three lights to make sure that your 3D object is lighted up to your liking and gives a beautiful glossy look.

Working with 3D Objects in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Software

The Xara PhotoGraphics Software interface does not stop with just a drop down menu. It gives a slider where ever possible and a digital read out of the slider bar for accurate control on each settings which not many software are known to have. You will find a Slider next to the Extrude Depth menu. You can slide the notch on this slider to get much finer control and digital output next to it to remember what settings you want. Further nex to this slider and digital window in the user interface of Xara Photographics Designer Software interface, you will see another long window which man have 'Rounded wirtten on it. This also has a small downward pointing arrow. Click on it and you will see many options that can be used to define the edges of your Xara 3D object you created. The Options are Rounded Bevel, Bumpy, Rolled, Square incut, Ridged, Curved, Triangle Cornered, Square Cornered, Round Cornered and many more. Click on any of these options and your Xara 3D object will instantly change shape.

3D Object Lighting Control in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software

On the right side of this Xara Photograhics 3D drop down menu, you have a slider which you can use to increase or decrease the selected 3D corner or edge effect and you also have a digital window where you can see exactly how much of the effect you have applied. Now if you look a little more to the right of this digital window, you will see a Bulb icon. This bulb icon if clicked will turn on three different coloured arrows around the 3D object you have selected. Default colours of these three lights are light green white and light blue. you can click on the light arrows around your Xara 3D object and move them with your mouse left button kept pressed. As you move the light button you will your Xara Photographics 3D object will change the way it reflects light, especially the edge gloss. You can also click on the series of colours displayed on the bottom menu of Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Software interface and the light colour will change to the selected colour. You may also Click on the colour square on the left of a dropper icon and change the colour of each light very easily. I strongly recommend you to Try Xara Photographics Designer  for just 10 minutes. I bet you will be addicted to this graphics software within minutes. Once you start using Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Software you will continue to be impressed by the super fast performance this simple software gives allowing any one to become a digital artist producing high quality 3D graphics.