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Zoom Tool in Xara Designer Pro

The Zoom Tool available in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer and Xara Designer Pro has the ability to Zoom anything on the drawing area from 0% to 25,601% easily. You do not need any high end computer to do it. Just keep the control key pressed and rotate the mouse wheel as fast or as slow as you want and see the photo, vector or 3D graphics however complicated it is on your screen reduce in size or enlarge in size up to 25.601 times its original size. This Xara Designer Pro Zoom feature goes past all other software in its ability. Most Photo Editing and Graphics or 3D sotware can only Zoom an object on its drawing area by only a few times. But Xara Photo Graphics Designer Pro Software can zoon over 25 times instantly. This is made possible by a super fast rendering engine which is the secret behind the success of Xara Designer Pro.

Xara Zoom Tool Features Video Tutorial

In the Xara Designer Pro Zoom Feature Tutorial Video above I have tried to display the speed with which Xara Designer Pro can Zoom. The Zoom tool looks like a lens with a handle. There are many options to zoom in Xara. The first few options are given in Zoom percentage like 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 200%, 500%, 1000%, 2000%, 4000%, 8000%, 16000% and 25601%.

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Xara Zoom Tool Page and Content Options

Apart from changing the Zoom in (%) percentages it is possible to use Zoom in Xara Designer Pro in many other ways. Below Percentages in the Zoom drop down menu of Xara, you have a few more options to zoom fast to suite your requirements. The Zoom to Page option when pressed will Zoom the Xara Designer Pro to show the entire page irrespective of what zoom was there in the white drawing area. Below that you see "Page Content" which when clicked will Zoom the entire contents to fill the white drawing area of Xara Designer Pro on your monitor. If you click on the "Selected" option then you will see the selected object shape or text will fill the entire white drawing area of Xara Designer Pro. In case you select the "Previous" option in Zoom drop down of Xara Designer Pro then you will find that the previously selected object or text will now fill the entire white drawing area seen on your monitor.

Xara Designer Pro Zoon to Page Width

It is also possible to Zoom the Xara Designer Pro White Drawing area to fill the page Width wise by clicking on the Xara Zoom Tool drop down "Page Width" Option. And finally if you want to see the entire Xara Document on your screen inside the white drawing area then in the Zoom Drop Down Menu of Xara Designer Pro just click the last option which says "Document". Thus you can see you have so many options to zoom the Xara document you have created in Xara designer Pro from the minimum to a maximum of 25,601% the original document which is unheard of in other documents.

Xara Designer Pro Super Fast Rendering Engine

And if you do get this kind of super Zoom of Xara Designer Pro in other graphics or photo editing software, then it will take a long time to show up on screen because the document will need a lot of memory and RAM space to render. Amazingly, Xara Designer Pro has not such restriction and renders the graphics or photo at your maximum zoom of 25,601 % instantly as you use your mouse or select from the Xara Zoom drop down menu. This is all thanks to the super fast rendering engine which forms the core of this sophisticated yet so simple to use software called Xara Designer Pro which you can use to Edit Photos, Vector Graphics, 3D Objects with lighting control, Desktop Publishing jobs or even to make a Super Website that adjusts itself on all platforms, browsers and devices. 
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.  Xara Designer Pro is just an amazing software that can make your imagination run wild. And the best part is that Xara Designer Pro needs no Experience of any sort to use it. Simple, Sophisticated and Easy to Use.