Creating Text Shadows in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

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Text Shadows Action Tool in Xara Designer Pro

Creating Text Shadows using Shadow Action Tool in the left side menu which looks like a cut away square with shadow under it is really an easy task. First click the 'T' in the action tool bar, then click on the white drawing area in the Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro and the Type in any text you want. In the Video above I have typed in the word Shadows. Now click on the Shadows icon which looks like a Square with its lower right quardrant cut away and has shadow visible under it. This opens a new tool bar on top with four squares with the first one without any shadow, the second square with a square shadow displaced to the right and below, the third square with a shadow falling on the ground and the fourth square with its shadow all around it. These four shadows options are adequate for creating any type of complex shadow. Click on each of these squares one by one as you see in the video to understand how each shadow is implemented on to your text.

Changing Text Shadows in Xara Photo Graphics Designer Pro Software

You can use the two sliders to the right of these four squares with their own digital read outs in the rectangles next to each slider. The first slider is to reduce and increase the blurring of the shadow to imitate real shadows which is sharp at its nearest part to the object and starts blurring as the shadow goes further away from the object in real world. The second slider allows you to manipulate the Transparency of the Shadow. Just move these two sliders left and right to see the effect rendering super fast in real time without any delay which only Xara can achieve. You can also see the digital read out of the slider position in the rectrangles next to the sliders. Once you have understood what the sliders can do to shadows, click on shadow of the selected object or text and move the mouse with the left mouse button kept pressed. You can see that you able to change the shadow angle by moving the mouse left and right as well as the length of the shadow by moving the mouse up and down. It appears actually as if you were moving the actual light which was causing the shadow of the text.

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Changing Text Shadow Colours in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software

Changing the colour of Text Shadow in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro is equally easy. Just click on the text with shadow then click on the cut square Shadow icon on the left side vertical menu. Now click on the any colour you see in the colour pallets you see below the white drawing area. That is all, the colour of the shadow is changed. In case you want to change the colour again just keep clicking on any colour from the pallet. In case you like the colour anywhere on your monitor screen and want to use that colour for your shadow, then just click on the colour picker "Dropper" icon to make your mouse cursor look like a dropper and then click on the colour anywhere on the screen and the text shadow will turn that colour. You also have an option to click the "Edit Current Colour" icon on the left of the colour pallet. When you click on Edit Current Colour icon, then a new colour dialog box opens on which you can click anywhere to get the shade of the colour you selected. There is also a change colour rectangle below this big square where you can change the selected colour to exact same shade of another colour using the slider. Overall you can use any of the 65 million colours available to you using either rgb, hex values or using your mouse clicks on the screen. Whilst doing this it is still possible to change the text colour by clicking the select icon on the left hand side vertical menu and then clicking any colour from the pallet, using the dropper or by editing current colour dialog box. The choice is yours which method you would like to use to change the text and shadow colours.

Using Shadow Profiles in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software

It is possible to change the quality of the shadow by using the option of Shadow Profile which is represented by a thick arrow point to the right on the right side of the horizontal Shadow menu on top of the interface after the Transparency slider. Clicking this thick arrow button will open the Shadow Profile box. There are four preset options and the fifth is shadow profile option for you to dynamically change the shadow quality easily using the slider with your mouse. Amazing is the only word to describe what this powerful, sophisticated yet so easy to use Photo Editor, Graphics Vector Editor, 3D Art Generator, Page Layour, Website Creator and Illustrator software integrated into one single software with fastest rendering engine ever created. You have to use Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software at least once to understand and feel the power Xara gives you to make your creativity run wild.