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Transparency Tool in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software

Transparency Tool is available in most of the photo editor software. But the Transparency Tool available as an action tool in the Xara Photographics Designer Pro is completely different due to its ease of use and the unlimited possibilities it offers its user with various easy to use yet highly sophisticated settings that needs only a mouse to click and make using transparency tool a breeze to use irrespective of the user being a beginner or a professional.

Creating Transparency on Text Using Xara Designer Pro

In the video above I have demonstrated two methods of creating transparency. The first is on text and the other is transparency used on a rectangle. I placed the rectangle on top of the text to show how the rectangle object is actually becoming transparent as I just drag my mouse in different directions. It is as simple as that. First click on the action tool 'T' on the left vertical menu and click on the white drawing area and type any text. Here I have typed Creating Transparency So Easy for demo purpose. Now click on the mouse arrow in the top of the action menu on left to select the text. Once text is selected click on the wine glass icon which is the fourth from bottom of the left action tools menu on the left. Now left click the mouse on one end of the text and drag the mouse to any side to see the text becoming partly and progressively transparent. So simple.

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 Creating Transparency on Shapes Using Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

In this method of creating Transparency first click on the action tool rectangle icon on the left vertical menu. The click on the white drawing space, left click the mouse, keep the left mouse button pressed and drag the mouse to any direction you like to draw a rectangle. In the transparency video I have placed the rectangle over the text "Creating Transparency So Easy" to demonstrate the transparency happening in reality. Once the rectangle is drawn, click on the wine glass icon or Transparency Action Tool on the left vertical menu. Now drag the mouse with the left button kept pressed and see the transparency happening in real time on the rectangle or any shape or text that was selected. You can also use the slider on the top right side to see the amount of transparency varying as you move the slider left or right.

Types of Transparency in Xara Photo Graphics 3D Designer Pro

The Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro has about 12 different types of Transparency. They are Flat Transparency, Linear Transparency, Circular Transparency, Eliptical Transparency, Conical Transparency, Conical Transparency, Diamond Transparency, Three Point Transparency, Four Point Transparency, Bitmap Transparency, Fractal Clouds Transperncy and Fractal Plasma Transparency. These are the transparency types available for use from the drop down menu on the left of the Xara interface just above the action tools menu. Click on the small down arrow next to transparency window and select the type of transparency you want. Now use the down arrow next Normal mix written next to it. This will give you further about 11 additional settings on each type of transparency namely Normal Mix, Multiply (Stained Glass), Screen (Bleach), Overlay, Hard Light, Soft LIght, Luminosity, Color, Color Burn, Color Dodge and Enhance.

Transparency in Xara Photo Graphics Designer Pro has Unlimited Settings

A third setting available in the Xara Transparency Tool is to keep the transparency as a single non repeating type or Repeating or Repeating Inverted. These three settings are completely unique and the use of these are demonstrated adequately in the video on top of this page. Once you click on the repeating transparency setting, the transparency changes to rings from the center repeating transparency in a circular fashion. You can change the size of the transparency rings by just draging the mouse and increasing or decreasing the length of the transparency arrow on the object or shape. You can also drag the center of the transparency concentric circles anywhere in the shape or even outside the shape to get the desired effect you want. In the Inverted Transparency you can get the reverse effect of the repeat transparency effect. Thus it can be seen that there are 12 types of Transparency with 11 different settings and three repeat/single tile effects. This totals to 12x11x3=396 individual effects. This is the minimum. In case you are using the sliders with 100 settings in each the total number of Transparency settings may be well above 3.9 million transparency effects. How many will you need? Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Transparency Tool surpasses the expectations and this kind of unlimited settings are not even available on many costly software. Such is the power of Xara Photo Graphics Designer Pro Software. It does not end here. There is something called Transparency Profiles which you need to read. The Transparency Profiles makes the Transparency Tool have a billion permutation and combinations not found in other software.