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Creating Transparency Profiles in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

It is very easy in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software to Create Transparency under any text or shape or object . The best feature of Xara Designer Pro is that whatever you do shows up instantly. Profiles are provided with most direct action tools in the left hand side tool bar in Xara Designer Pro interface. Once you click on a direct action tool. Each direct action tool will have a slider bar next to it will be a digital window. Further to its right will be another slider for some thing else with a second digital output window and after that you will see a thick short right arrow which is normally the profile. Often there may be one more similar thick right arrow for profiles of the attributes of the object selected on the page. Click on the first right arrow which gives profiles for the shape object and a small drop down menu will show up. Default profile will be a straight diagonal line. Below that you will see at least five profiles. Select each of these profiles to find how each one affects the Transparency of the object selected. In the shape profiles the first four are preset and the lowermost is a set of two sliders. move the sliders and watch how they effect the transparency of the shape.

Working With Transparency Profiles in Xara Designer Pro

In this video above, I have demonstrated the creation of Transparency Profiles and how to use transparency profiles to manipulate the Trasnparency to as realistic as you want it to be. In the video I have created a four point star something like a deformed rhombus and applied transparency to it. Clicking on the Profile icon which looks like a thick right pointing arrow and selecting the desired transparency profile to change the transparency quality as well as how to change transparency manually using the two sliders in the fifth manual transparency profile icon. You can change the colour of the shape by clicking any colour from the colour pallet below the drawing area, use the dropper icon to select a colour anywhere on your monitor screen or use Edit Current Colour button on the left of the dropper icon. Changing the colour of the shape will change the colour of the transparency instantly. On the larger quadrant of circle on the top left of the drawing area, I have demonstrated how to use transparency profile to change the linear transparency into striking stripes, soft transparency and how to change the transparency in many ways. Then I have created a gear like shape on top of the circle quadrant on top left and applied transparency to it to show how the two shapes one over the other show up when transparency is applied.

Transparency Works Seamlessly with Other Action Tools in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro

The Transparency Profiles work with all the transparency settings available like the linear transparency, the circular transparency, the eliptical transparency, the fractal plasma etc. All these transparencies can be further changed with two settings namely Simple or Repeating Transparencies. In between these two settings you will also find an additional setting called the Normal Mix. Even this can be changed to ten different mix like the stained glass, screen bleach, overlay, hard light, soft light,luminosity, colour, colour burn, colour dodge and enhance transparency settings. Thus it can be seen that a small tool like Transparency in Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software has so many different and unique sub settings and features that can be used to suit the most demanding graphic artist's requirement. These settings are so elaborate and so accurate and yet gets rendered in real time the moment your mouse button is pressed. The transparency tool in Xara Designer Pro works seamlessly with all the other settings without conflict. In other words, whilst adjusting the Transparency or Transparency profile in Xara, you can use the other tools like blend, 3D, colour, erase and everything else. The only limitation whilst using Xara PhotoGraphics Designer Pro Software is the limit of the user's imagination.