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Free 12 HourLive Digital Clock PPT for PowerPoint Presentations - MatsClock 240022i

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This is a PowerPoint Digital Clock MatsClock which is absolutely free to download and distribute without modifications of any sort. Unless you have some coding experience, it is not possible to get a digital clock running in your computer full screen. So I made this 12 hour format digital clock in PowerPoint ppt, which runs in full screen the moment you double click the downloaded file.

Just imagine having a beautiful yet simple PowerPoint presentation digital clock running before your presentation starts or after your presentation ends when people are busy looking for the time.   

Most people do not wear a wrist watch now a days because they use their mobile phones and this full screen digital clock you run in PowerPoint will surely impress your audience. Try it once and you will be addicted. We also have AM PM suffixed digital clocks and even 24 hour format PowerPoint digital clocks. Just click the Next Clock button to see them one after the other.


You have to move the cursor over the - -:- -:- - or the digits which you see on your screen to start the clock running. It is deliberately done so that your computer resources are left free for other tasks. Similarly the clock stops the moment you exit the PowerPoint presentation or move to the next slide. So if you come back to the clock slide, mover your cursor once again over the digits or the dashes to start the PowerPoint digital clock working again.


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