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A digital clock running on a full screen is like a dream. Most of us use Microsoft PowerPoint for our presentations. This MatsClock 120022i is an 12 hour digital clock which runs in full screen mode the moment you double click the downloaded file. It is as easy as that. The difference here is that this clock also shows you if it is AM or PM now. This is very useful in some cases where you are sailing in a ship or something, where you do not see the light outside to know if it is day or night.


So, even if you have not gone out of your room or ship, you can still know if it is day time or night when you see AM or PM suffixed to the time on this PowerPoint presentation digital clock. What more can you ask. This MatsClock PowerPoint Digital Clock comes to you free. Just download and double click it to run it on your computer.


The clock will start displaying time live only when you move the cursor over the - -:- -:- - or the digits which you see on your screen. You can click to go to the next slide and read how to run this Free MatsClock Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation PPT. You are even free to share this MatsClock Full Screen Live Digital Clock without any modifications on emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, hard disk, USB, CD, DVD or any medium of your choice.


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