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Free Live Digital Clock (24 Hours) for PowerPoint Presentations (MatsClock 240022i)

SOUND FORGE Pro 14 Suite
You may not have seen a 24 digital clock full screen during any of your PowerPoint presentations you had attended. You could be the first one to show it to your audience. This MatsClock Digital Clocks for PowerPoint Presentation, and runs on full screen in a 24 hour format. That means you see time from mid night to mid night. In other words, you see midnight to noon as normal digital clocks. After noon, 12'O clock, this 24 hour format MatsClock PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT will show time continuously as 13 for 1 pm, 14 for 2 pm and so on till 23 for 11 pm. The MatsClock Digital Clock PPT will reset time at midnight and restart from 1 am onwards.


The clock will start displaying the current time only when you move your mouse cursor over the - -:- -:- - or the digits which you see on your screen. If you click on the slide or clock, the PowerPoint presentation goes to the next slide where you can see how to run the clock you saw on the previous slide. Just use your left arrow key on your keyboard to go back to the slide and move your mouse cursor from bottom to top or top to bottom over the digital clock and it starts displaying the current time.


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