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MatsClock 240022i (12 Hours) Free Digital Clock

MatsClock - Free Download PowerPoint  Digital Clock Live


Free Download Digital Clock

Free Live Digital Clock (12 Hour PPT) for PowerPoint Presentations (MatsClock 240022a)

A digital clock is difficult to make in PowerPoint because Microsoft has not given that ability. The reason is simple. When a digital or analog clock runs a lot of resources gets used. But the MatsClock PowerPoint Digital Clocks runs in full screen only when you want. These MatsClock Digital Clocks use very little resources because it runs only once every second and uses hardly any resources unlike other clocks which run a thousand times per second. And when you change to the next slide or exit the presentation, the Digital Clock stops automatically. Thus the resources are not used except when you run the clock. Thus MatsClock digital clock PPT will work in any low power computers and phones easily.

If you do not have PowerPoint installed, then please use a PowerPoint viewer which comes free from Microsoft itself. MatsClock 240022a is a Live Digital Clock ppt for your PowerPoint Presentations. You have to Download MatsClock to your Computer and then double click on the downloaded ppsm file to Open this digital clock. This digital clock takes the local time running in your computer or tab or phone where ever you are running the digital clock. You can keep this clock running before your presentation starts. The clock will start ticking time live only when you move the cursor over the - -:- -:- - or the digits which you see on your screen.


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