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Free Live 12 Hour Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentations - MatsClock 120002

This is a free digital clock designed in Microsoft PowerPoint software which runs in full screen when you download it into your computer and double click on it. This clock will make your presentation get a professional touch.

Just run the clock before your actual presentation starts and exit the clock before you start your PowerPoint presentation to your audience. To exit the digital clock, you just need to press escape button on your keyboard or just two mouse clicks anywhere on the computer screen. The digital clock will start running when you move your mouse cursor over the time displayed or the dashes displayed on the screen when the PowerPoint file opens. It is as simple as that.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Write Your Presentation and Save Time

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint Tip which I learned from my colleague. It is well known fact that leaders just dictate their presentation to their assistants who will go, type it into the PowerPoint. The leaders then tell the assistants to use a certain font, text colours for heading and bullets, insert some pictures they want and that is it. The PowerPoint Presentation is ready. But when you do it yourself, it is completely different and time consuming.

Here is the reason why this tip is so important to save your productivity and time. Any time you start making a presentation in the PowerPoint, you may end up wasting a lot time in the formatting, fonts and colour selection etc. The actual amount of time you spent on the content of the presentation is awfully less if you could record your activities with a video camera and analyse it.

So the best method to utilise your time on computer would be to sit in a room or chair you feel comfortable and jot down all the points and your thoughts which you want to tell your audience during your presentation, on a piece of paper. These points could be written without any grammar so that you are able to convey the meaning without using too many words.

You can then make your Presentation slides using the points you have written down on that piece of paper sometime later. That way you will save a lot of time your eyes and body spends on your PC/Laptop/Phone etc. Try writing down your Presentation bullet points on paper and then make one presentation on PowerPoint and I am sure you would fall in love with this method. It is a great PowerPoint presentation tip one of my colleagues gave me. I could not thank him enough.


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