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MatsClock 120001 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The downloaded zip file contains a set of three Free Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. (A 12 hour digital clock, a 24 hour digital clock and an AM/PM digital clock). All these clocks run on latest PowerPoint version.

PowerPoint Tips - Font Selection

One of the best PowerPoint Tips ever is to choose your fonts correctly. The font used should be such that your audience are able to see and read what is written on the slide from the furthest distance and also those who are sitting in the corners getting an angled view of your slides.

The recommended fonts for any PowerPoint Presentation Slide where written matter is displayed is Arial font. The newer font called Calibri. You should avoid using any font that is decorative in nature because it may be difficult to read. Secondly, the beauty of the font may take away the attention of your audience from you and your presentation to the font.

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