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MatsClock 120011 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The downloaded zip file contains a set of three Free Live Digital Clocks for PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. (A 12 hour digital clock, a 24 hour digital clock and an AM/PM digital clock). All these clocks run on latest PowerPoint version. Update your PowerPoint at Microsoft_365 which is an official Microsoft website.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Text/Pictures Cut Off at Screen Edges?

Have you ever seen the edges of the PowerPoint Presentation getting cut off at the edges? Or the text and pictures going out of the screen and not visible. And you did not know why?

One of the lesser known PowerPoint Presentation tips is the Resolution of the Projector used for your PowerPoint Presentation. If the resolution of the Projector happens to be lesser than the PC or Laptop computer you are using to give your presentation on PowerPoint, then you will see that the edges of your presentations are getting cut off. It is very simple to fix this problem. Just increase the resolution of your Projector to match the computer. If the projector resolution is limited, then reduce the resolution of the computer to match the projector resolution.

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