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MatsClock 120013a - Free AM/PM Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

I searched the internet and could not find an AM PM format 12 hour digital clock. So I decided to design a few digital clocks for PowerPoint Presentation ppt and put them up here for free download and sharing. MatsClock 120013a is a true Digital Clock in a Macro enabled ppsm PowerPoint presentation that runs full screen. I am sure it will create a great impression on your audience during your presentation making it a little more professional. You can run this digital am pm digital clock in 12 hour format before and after your presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Keep Pictures & Text Separate in PPT Slides

One of the most annoying PowerPoint presentation is where people put a picture as the background and then put many lines of text on top. Neither can the audience see the text properly, nor can they see the photograph or graphic behind the text. I have always preferred to see a photo placed next the write up in a small size covering nor more than half the screen to the left or right. A couple of photos below or on top of the text is also alright.

Keeping the text and photos separated makes it easy to see the written text and also enjoy the beautiful picture alongside. If you just want the same photo to be put as the background then either reduce the contrast of the photo to make it lighter and place dark text on top of the picture background or reduce the brightness of the photo to make it darker and use light colour fonts. Whatever you do, ensure that your audience get the best experience and see what you want them to see.

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