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MatsClock 120014 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

A free PowerPoint presentation that runs a 24 hour digital clock in full screen mode. Download the file into your computer and enable contents if Microsoft PowerPoint asks you. The moment this digital clock PowerPoint macro enabled show opens up, just move your mouse from bottom or the top of your computer screen over the digits or the dashes you seen in the centre of the screen and the digital clock starts ticking your local time running in your computer. It is as simple as that.

PowerPoint is the most popular and widly used software for Presentations. The picture you see above is the screenshot of the MatsClock 240014 which is a 24 hour format digital clock running on full screen. Here is a PowerPoint Presentation Tip you might find useful.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Font Readability on each PPT Slide

Always choose a font and style that is easy to read even for your audience sitting at the back of your auditorium or classroom. And ensure that you keep the font size respectably large for the back bencher to read without straining eyes. A beautiful font may be used, but certainly not at the cost of readability. It is because of this tip that you find this digital clock PowerPoint presentation show runs at the largest possible font stretched to fill your entire screen from left to right and yet does not get cut off at the ends.

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