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MatsClock 120018 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

You can Free Download the above MatsClock 120018 which is a digital clock designed to run in the Full Screen PowerPoint Presentation mode. You can download and double click on the ppt to run the digital clock. It is as easy as that. Your presentation would get a professional touch and your audience would certainly love to see time ticking in a digital clock running from one end to the other horizontally on the screen.

One of the most important factor in life is time. Most of us refer to time on a wrist watch, our phone, our computer or a clock on the wall. Often it used to be analog clocks on the wall. Now there are more digital clocks thanks to the revolution in LED technology, as they consume less energy and the batteries last longer in the clock.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Think like Your Audience When Preparing Your PPT Slide

When you start creating a Presentation using a software like Microsoft PowerPoint, the first rule is to create something which is visually pleasing that you would yourself like to see if you were the audience. May be you had seen some presentation format you liked or maybe something you want to create.

The first action is to visualise the presentation as someone sitting in the audience. Visually pleasing is using some colour which are dark on the background and a white or light colour text on top. You could have a graphic representing your company either darkened to ensure that your white or light colour text is readable on top of it or you can that company or event picture put as a lighter background with dark colour text on top. A darker background with a white text would be my choice.

The same dark background picture shown under each and every one of your presentation slide over and over again would make you really bored and get your distracted thinking about the background repeating itself as an audience.  You may be very proud of your achievement or company and would like to have its picture in every slide. But will your audience like it? Start thinking as an audience. Did you ever dislike anything during somebody else's presentation, then never do that mistake in your own presentation.

I would prefer to put the logo of my company on a corner preferably on the top left or top right corner which would be unobstructive and would make more sense. It won't distract or irritate my audience and my PowerPoint Presentation would look highly professional. It would also give me and my company respect from the audience as they start relating me and my company to that.

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