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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Keep Your Presentation A Secret

Often people fail to keep their presentation away from others. If you want to surprise your audience, then you need to keep your presentation a secret. Sit in a place where no one can see your presentation whilst you are designing the presentation. Often people stand behind and try to peek in if there is a window or door behind you. So orient yourself in such a way that there is no one who can come behind you without your knowledge.

Your presentation is yours and it must be kept a secret, unless the PowerPoint presentation was being worked upon as a team. In that case also, other than those involved, no one else should be seeing the contents of the presentation or even the pictures and graphics being used. Keeping the presentation secret may also be a company regulation at times. However, basic or advanced data is inside the contents, keep your presentation secret.

Your presentation secrecy will also be compromised if you leave your computer or laptop open. Always lock your screen if you are going away even for a few seconds. Press "Ctrl" Key plus "L" key together to lock your computer. Always use a good screen lock password. Ensure that your presentation remains a secret till you deliver it to your audience and does not get stolen by a competitor even by chance. You worked hard. So keep your Presentation a secret.

MatsClock 120023a - Free AM/PM Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

MatsClock 120023 is absolutely Free Live AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Clock designed in Microsoft PowerPoint. Imagine displaying time to the audience in a unique way. You have to design nothing. There are hundreds of digital clocks you can download absolutely free to download from this website which are free to use and share freely.

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