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PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slide Tips - Do Not Read Your Presentation from Screen or Notes

This is a PowerPoint Presentation Tip often ignored by many people whilst presenting to large audience. They write long paragraphs of text on each slide. Then they start reading the text exactly as it is written on the PowerPoint Slide on the screen. That displays poor preparedness and under-confidence to the audience. This must be avoided at all costs. People always want to follow someone. If you want people to look at you and listen to you more, then you should put minimum text on the screen and speak more and confidently.

The new version of PowerPoint has many graphics and animation options which must be wisely used to convey what you want to tell your audience without they getting distracted from you. You need to keep your audience engaged visually and audibly. Videos and audios may be used sparingly.

The more the text on the PowerPoint Slide, the more the audience will keep their eyes on the screen trying to read and understand what is written there instead of listening to what you are explaining. And if you are reading directly from the PPT Slide, then people will get bored the presentation. The audience is giving their valuable time to you. So it is your responsibility to ensure that you are giving them back the appropriate value for their time.

Thus this PowerPoint Presentation Tip is very simple. Keep minimum text on the screen. Use advanced features of PowerPoint Software to express what you want to convey to your audience and earn their respect. Do your presentation with confidence with a natural flow of language and concept.

MatsClock 120025 - Free Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download MatsClock 120025 is absolutely Free and this MatsClock is a Live PowerPoint Digital Clock. The entire graphics you see in this PowerPoint Slide is designed purely in PowerPoint only without using any other graphics software. The latest PowerPoint version is not just for Presentations. It is a full fledged graphics package with 3D capability as well.

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