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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Computer and Projector Colour Mismatch in PPT Slides

To understand why this PowerPoint Presentation tip is important you need to think as an audience. Have you ever wondered why some presentations look dull on the screen when you are attending as an audience? This could happen to you too when you are presenting.

When you make a PowerPoint Presentation, you ensure that each slide has a theme which ensures that your text and graphics standout from the background. But after having spent dozens of hours working on your PowerPoint Presentation sitting on your computer or laptop, when you go and run the presentation on the screen, you find that the colours are all dull and not as beautiful as they look in your computer or laptop or notebook.

It is a good idea to go and run the presentation on the actual screen in the auditorium on the large screen using the computer which will run your presentation. If you find that the colours used in the presentation are not being represented correctly or looks dull or more saturated or contrasted, then you need to caliberate your computer and the projector so that they start showing the same colours. Unfortunately this may not be possible always.

Firstly, check if there is any lose connections or damage in the data cable if you find there is some colour difference between the projector and the computer screens. Sometimes just by tapping the cables you may be able to get the colour corrected. Sometimes, you may need to change the data cable itself. If that does not work, then try to see if the settings on the projectors are correct, like the input selection etc are correct.

If none of these work, then the next best Presentation tip would be to change the colours used in your Presentation using a preset theme available in PowerPoint. Alternately, you could redo all the slides or the slide master or at least the background colour right there looking at the screen on which the presentation would be running on the final day. Check each of your PowerPoint Slides individually to avoid any surprise.

That way you will be able to chose the right colours on the computer so that the colours on the screen are exactly what you want them to look. I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tip comes in handy some day.

See if the MatsClock 120029 digital clock is displaying the same colours as you see here on your computer and on the Presentation Projector Screen. Just by showing this digital clock, you could be earning respect from your audience instantly well before your Presentation starts.

Free Download MatsClock 120029 - Live Digital Clock Exclusively Designed in PowerPoint Software

MatsClock 120029 is a Live 12 hour PowerPoint Digital Clock which is exclusively designed in  PowerPoint Software. The digital clock is set to run inside a window on the coffee coloured wall on the left. The entire graphics you see in this PowerPoint Slide is fully designed in PowerPoint only although it may appear to you that some other graphics software has been used. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120028 contains three separate digital clocks of three different colour. The first one is a 12 Hour digital clock which is red in colour as you see in the screen capture video above.

The other two are a 24 hour digital clock and an AM/PM digital clock, which are green and violet in colour respectively. Run the clock to see a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture of this majestic Digital Clock running on computer in full screen mode. You can use the green download PPT button above and use it free. You can even Share this MatsClock 120029 PowerPoint file absolutely free to anyone without any modifications.

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