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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Make Your PPT Slides Consistant, But Not Uniform

Would you like to wear a uniform always irrespective of where you are like in school, office and even at home. That would be so boring to see for others and even for yourself. A uniform is a pair of pants and shirt, with a tie and shoes, cap etc. And if everyone wears a uniform you just one of them and will never stand out.

On the other hand being consistant means everyone wears a pair of pants and shirt, tie, shoes etc. But everyone is not wearing the same pattern and colour of pants and shirt. That is the main difference between a uniform and consistancy whilst dressing up. This could apply to your PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation Tip which you would have already guessed. Your presentation should reflect you. So it should have slides which are consistant throughout the PPT. But your slides should not be uniform. The audience should be able to remember each and every slide in your presentation without confustion.

What I mean is that all your PPT slides  should have your logo on the left top, the company name at the bottom left, the date on the center bottom, the slide number on the bottom right or whichever way you desire. Then comes your PowerPoint Slilde Heading which should be the first line of text preferably center aligned. Then the bullets or photo should follow from next line.

The color and size of font of all the headings and bullets throughout your PPT Slides may also be same. Thus there is a predictable pattern. This is consistancy of PPT slides. The content of the slide and the background of every PPT slide could be of different colour in each of the slide.

However, in case of a uniform slide, everything on every slide will look the same. That means even the contents have the same background and pictures appearing in the same place. Thus the audience will not be able to find out if you changed the slide when they were looking away for a second, as there is visibly no change except the text and picture which may have changed which they may not notice.

To bring in consistancy but not uniformity, should be your priority whilst designing your PowerPoint Presentation. Everything will have their individual place, but the content will still look different on each slide. PowerPoint software calls this a theme. I hope that PowerPoint Presentation tip helps you some day.

Free Download MatsClock 120037 PPT - 24 Hour Live PowerPoint Digital Clock in a Telephone

MatsClock 240037 is a Live 24 hour PowerPoint Digital Clock running inside the display of a Telephone. Use the green Download PPT button to get the original PowerPoint PPT of this digital clock in a zip file. The Download Zip file MatsClock 240037 PPT contains three separate digital wall clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. The first digital wall clock runs like a 24 Hour digital clock which what you see in the screen capture video above with the digital clock running inside the Telephone display.

A 24 hour clock is very useful as it removes ambiguity of morning or evening. There is no way one could confuse time in a 24 hour clock which for example says 8:00 for morning 8 O'Clock and 20:00 for evening 8 O'Clock. You will find these 24 hour digital and analog clocks in railway stations and airports etc. The Download PPT zip file contains 12 hour, 24 hour and also an AM/PM digital clock. Just double click any of the three and the presentation will run the digital clock in full screen mode. Ensure that you "Enable Content" when the system asks you to run the Macro.

Click on the red color Run Clock button above to see a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture Video of this Digital Clock running inside a telephone display in fullscreen. You can use the green Download PPT button above to download and use this Digital Wall Clock PowerPoint PPT free during your Presentations. You can freely Share this MatsClock 240037 PowerPoint file to anyone, but without modifying the PPT file in any way. All the MatsClock showing 24 hour digital clock has their model number starting from 24xxxx and all the 12 hour MatsClocks will start with model no 12xxxx.

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